Monday, 12 September 2016

Deck Constructions in Toowoomba

The term “deck” originally comes from the floor of ships. Decking is an elevated wooden construction usually done outdoors for the purposes of garden landscaping and for the ideal sun spots. Decks are best when the area they are being constructed has a lot of fresh air and a beautiful view too. No one would put up a deck construction in an ugly place. They are also places to dine and lounge outdoors.
But how are decks constructed? First of all you would need some space on your garden before thinking of a decking company. There are a lot of decking companies both in Toowoomba and out of Toowoomba. It is important to know the quality of service they offer and the cost of each company, compare the prices and service quality before deciding. At the end of it, what we want is the best quality at an affordable price. Both constructing and repairing decks need professional advice. The points to consider when choosing a decking company are:

  •  The years of experience of the company.
  • The list of their previous happy customers.
  • Do they provide insurance? Does the company include an insurance cover in their quote?
  •   Requesting a breakdown of the quote so that you see the cost of each individual service and also be aware of what you are paying for. Besides enlightening you, this will keep you from unnecessary scandals in case of anything.
Treated wood was the initial decking material, but recently several companies are offering alternatives. The mixture of wood pulp and resins is referred to as composite decking, as it offers a strong and durable surface that is resistant to termites, rot, cracking and splintering. The other varieties of material that can be used in decking include; merbau wood, PET plastic and aluminum. When choosing your ideal decking material, be sure to know about durability, cost and the general effect you are looking for. However, professional decking experts should be able to advice you on all this and leave you in a position to make a wise decision.

Decks can have a number of extra features that are pretty much optional. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1. Deck Railing/ Deck Guard Railing:- It is highly recommended for an elevated deck. This is to avoid accidents especially if you have children. Besides, it keeps your decking safe.

2. Stairs:- A stairway acting as an entry and exit point can be a nice feature for the garden; however, if your deck is raised then the stairway becomes a necessity.

3. Lighting:- Sounds pretty obvious, right? It is not only used for safety but also for a dramatic look at night. You can spice up the lighting by putting it along the edges of the decking floor, or lighting along the deck railing.

4. Skirting:- This is a latticed wooden or vinyl “skirt” that is placed from below the outside edge of the deck to the ground directly underneath the deck. This is mostly for the elevated decks.

5. Storage benches:- Provides both a sitting place and a neat way to store your garden equipment.

6. Extra fencing:- It is good to have your privacy, especially if you like to have candle-lit dinner in an outdoor experience.




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